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We are excited to announce our investment in Jet Protocol, a breakthrough lending protocol leveraging the high speed and low cost of Solana. There are many amazing DeFi projects being built on Solana at the moment, however until now there has not been a base borrow/lend protocol…


In this note we will outline the salient trends and user habits, as well as increased regulation, within the China gaming industry. As one of the largest gaming markets in the world, China user habits may provide insights to developers targeting other countries in Asia. We think this data like…



NFTs are one of the most important and exciting innovations in crypto/blockchain today, appealing to both crypto and non-crypto natives. But what exactly are NFTs and why are they so important?

An NFT is a “non-fungible token.” Fungibility is the economic concept stating that one unit is interchangeable and…

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Decentralized Exchanges/Automated Market Makers are a key piece of any decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem; many users rely on DEX/AMMs to trade nowadays and the trend is only increasing as seen below.


Monthly DEX Volume has been increasing ever since the introduction of AMMs into the markets. In…

Implications for Dollar Hegemony.

Presentation here.

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We are thrilled to announce our investment in Parrot Protocol, which is building a suite of DeFi products that enable the value locked within liquidity provider (LP) tokens to be accessible. Today, there are billions worth of tokens locked in various DeFi applications — within liquidity pools…

Primitive I: Decentralized Exchange — DEX

The Decentralized Exchange (DEX), is a novel form of permissionless commerce that has come into prominence, over recent years. Primarily, DEXes enable traders to transact across financial markets, without relinquishing ownership of their funds. During the primordial iterations of the DEX financial primitive (2017–2018), decentralized exchanges exclusively operated through standalone…


Solana DEX & AMM products are the essential interfaces for further composability & complexity within Solana’s DeFi service suite. After familiarizing oneself with these decentralized commerce platforms, users will often wonder whether more can be done with their capital than simply earning fees from a liquidity pool. …

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August 22nd, 2021

Executive Summary

Compared with the explosive development of the overseas NFT ecosystem, China’s domestic NFT market has only just begun. Recently, Tencent, Alipay, Soyun Technology, 0–1 Universe and others have begun to create their own NFTs and launch NFT artworks.

Trends we see in the China NFT market

  • Mostly built on tokenless blockchain, pay…




以太坊1C0之后,1C0成为了启动新区块链项目最为重要的方式,它也是加密市场演变为今天的面貌的原因之一。由于加密领域的企业无需经历传统企业面临的密集监管流程和漫长时间周期,市场上出现了大量以快速筹款为目标却从不兑现承诺愿景的1C0诈骗。因此,2018年,Vitalik Buterin提出了新的DAICO模式,为筹款项目引入智能合约,项目需要实现特定的里程碑,才能收到资金。然而,这一提议缺乏必要的工具和支持。


因此,汉全很高兴宣布我们对Impossible Finance的投资。我们将在这篇投资理论中分享我们如何看待筹款的重要性,以及Impossible Finance将如何改善筹款生态、创造最佳项目启动机制,并将投资者、用户和项目聚集到一个联系紧密的多链生态之中。

领域分析 — Launchpads



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