How to Solana — Chapter 3: Overview of NFTs


Example: Crypto Punk #3100 is not interchangeable with Crypto Punk #2140

Solana NFTs

  • Participating in live mints
  • Buying and/or Selling NFTs on a secondary market
  • Tracking statistics such as NFT trade volume, price floors, average price, etc.
  • Minting personal NFTs (of special life occasions, for example)
  • Social gating

Participating in the NFT ecosystem on Solana

Bonus: NFTs can also be viewed on Solana-native dashboards like ( and Step Finance (

Solana NFT Ecosystem Data (Source: Solanalysis)

Reference Protocols

  1. Solanart — First-mover, fully-fledged Solana NFT marketplace that allows anyone to acquire or sell Solana-based NFTs.
  2. Digitaleyes- 1st open NFT marketplace for Solana. Offers comprehensive listings and analytics across Solana-native NFT launches.
  3. Solsea- NFT marketplace that enables creators to choose and embed licenses when they mint NFTs.
  4. — Launchpad & Marketplace for Solana NFTs. Market-leading 0% listing fee, and 2% transaction fee.

Pre-launch & Conceptual Products:

  1. Burnt Finance — Trade unlimited NFTs with lightning fast speeds and the lowest fees on the first unified NFT auction protocol built on Solana.
  2. All-Art Protocol — The All-Art Protocol provides constant liquidity for NFTs by introducing a new type of liquidity pool AMMs, while upgrading the current NFT standard with improved functionalities and embedded license rights call NFT-PRO.
  3. Nina.Market — Through Nina protocol artists press record-coins which can be bought by fans directly from the artist. Owning a record-coin allows fans to stream the associated music from their personal collection. Fans can collect, trade or sell record-coins. (
  4. Coral Reef — Solana NFT marketplace (
  5. Howl Finance — NFT Collateralized Loan Protocol on Solana



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