How to Solana — Chapter 5: DAOs & Governance


What is a DAO?

How Governance works

  • A quorum of voters for a vote to be valid.
  • Voter tokens to be locked up for a period of months following a major proposal to ensure any bad actors who vote for negative effects can be punished by the following drop in token price.
  • Proof that certain stakeholders, e.g. validators or developers, have voted.
  • Voters express how strongly they feel about an issue rather than just whether they are in favor of it or opposed to it. This is known as quadratic voting.

What is spl-governance?

Let’s DAO this

At the moment only basic NFT based governance and community gating is available on mainnet. We will be going through the Full stack Squad generator on devnet in anticipation of a future launch.


Reference protocols

  1. Squads DAO [Devnet, Mainnet] [Solana]: Full stack DAO creation and management framework.
  2. Grape Protocol [Mainnet] [Solana]: Allows permissioned gating and management of decentralized communities.



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