Why we invested in Zignaly


Social Trading Landscape

Overview of social trading platforms. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DSwOiYJmusSV0_fomU-QZZCCx-vRUM8Koi2SbPxP4kY/edit#gid=0
Social trading growing globally

Overview of Zignaly

Zignaly’s solution

Zignaly user ecosystem
Menu of expert traders. Source: https://zignaly.com/
Traders showcasing their returns, competing for followers. Source: https://zignaly.com/

Profit Sharing & Copy Trading

Standard copy trading vs. Profit sharing model

Zignaly’s Security Focus

Insurance Protocol

Zignaly insurance protocol

ZIG token

ZIG token economy

Risks and Threats

Future Opportunities & Trends




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